Friday, January 25, 2013

Summer, I miss you.

It's been typical Washington winter weather around here lately...freezing, rainy, freezing rain, cloudy...did I mention FREAKING FREEZING?! I'm not the type of person who likes winter. At all. I am always cold, even in the summer so I dread the cold, damp weather. I love my mini heater. I love my sweatshirts and sweatpants. I love my big wool socks. And I'm talking about in the middle of July. No joke. But the number one thing I hate about the winter...the kids get cabin fever. Especially Parker.

I think when Parker was 4 months old he first caught cabin fever. He's still suffering- 5 years later. I wish someone would invent a cure.

The kids are staying up late at night because I know they just aren't getting enough good ole fashioned playin' outside. It's been in the 20's, and mama just ain't going outside when it's that cold.

We've played at McDonalds. We've played every board game known to man. We've played the Kinect. We've played several hours of "Taylor Swift Salon". (I'll have to show you that one another's the best Salon in the nation!) We've watched movies, gone to the library, set up a basketball hoop inside, and even hit up Grammie's for her hot tub. Yelp, these last couple of days, we've kinda run out of things to do. But wait, we forgot- Bowling! Yes, it was super fun and the kids liked it a lot. Parker won this time. I think we found our new hang out!
Parker picking up the spare!
Parker thought he needed to walk Callie up to the line on her every turn. Then, he had to put his arm around her until her ball very sloooowly made it to the pins.

OH, and we went out for ice cream. Yes, ice cream in the middle of winter. I didn't get any in case you didn't guess. Too cold.
It's hard to get Callie to take a serious picture!

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