Friday, September 12, 2008

Growin' Babies!

Here's Parker's 10 month, 3 week update from that one website I posted from last time. Here's what it says about this week:

Your baby may "walk" while you're gripping his hands, and even hold out an arm or leg to help you dress him. At mealtimes, he may be able to drink from a cup on his own (though some children may not do this well for months or even another year or two) and hand-feed himself.

Once your baby's able to drink from a cup by himself, you may need to start ducking, because he's just as likely to toss it when he's finished as to set it down.

Your baby's ability to vocalize is improving, and he may say his first word any time now. When he does, repeat it softly and clearly so she can learn the correct pronunciation. (Bear in mind that many babies won't utter an intelligible peep for several more months, and that's normal, too.) First words don't always have precise definitions, by the way. "Dog" may mean anything with four legs, and "ba-ba" could signify bottle, teddy bear, bye-bye — or all three.

Ms. Callie is a week old today!! Yay! Things are going so good, I really can't believe it. I feel great and Callie is such a good baby!! She's sleeping 4-4.5 hour stretches still and eating about 2 oz. at a time. Her jaundice is looking better, I've been putting her under the window for sunlight. Parker is still adjusting some. He's been getting pretty clingy and follows me from room to room. I don't really mind though, he's so awesome!

The Carlson's brought us dinner last night and got to see Callie and we got to see David. They are such a sweet family! Parker loved the lasagna and I have hilarious pictures of him smothered in it. I'll try and post those later. Grandpa Stemp got to meet his granddaughter last night too. Grandma Stemp brought over lots of really cute clothes. Callie is in preemie sizes, which we didn't really expect so she doesn't have to many outfits for the time being. They grow so fast though, I'm sure she'll be in newborn before we know it!

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