Sunday, September 21, 2008

Callie's 1st Dr. appt

Everything at Callie's first appointment went really well. She's up to 6 pounds, 1 oz. and 19 inches! That's awesome for 2 weeks! Everything was normal, she didn't have to get any shots this time...that's for the next appointment in 6 weeks. We are changing her formula though because her poopies are like water, which could mean she's lactose intolerant. So, we changed to a soy formula...just like her brother already! Callie is still sleeping about 4 hours at a time and yesterday even went 5! I know, we are so lucky! Things are still going really well. The only stressful time is when both the babies are crying for a bottle. I just prop Callie up in her boppy and have Parker in the other arm! Crazy!

As for Parker, he is finally getting his teeth! His top right came through about a week and a half ago and the bottom left cut through the other night. Looks like his other bottom tooth is going to come through real soon. Poor guy is getting them all at once. He's cruising along the furniture really well. His physical therapy appointment went great last week, and Parker has some new goals. Next appointment will be in 2 weeks again!


Tawny Cronrath said...

5 hours are lucky! I get between 2-3 but the last few nights I got some 4 hour stretches. Gavin is a porker and wants to eat all the time!

I agree, we will definitely have to get together for a playdate sometime, it'd be fun!!

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed Katie!