Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Special Day

Today was Parker's original due date. Crazy to think that he shouldn't even be here until now!! Instead, we have got an extra 2 months with him to practice taking care of a newborn.

So today is a celebration of how far we have come I guess. No more IV's or feeding tubes. No more wondering if today is going to be a "good day" or a "bad day" and he may or may not be on oxygen or some type of medication to help him breath. No more having to "unplug" our baby when we want to hold him. I can still hear those beeping machines though I swear!

There are some things that the nurses and Dr.'s burned into our minds that we still hang on to.... we still count and celebrate every little ounce Parker gains. We still count each feeding by ml's not ounces. We have put hand sanitizer in each room and make sure we use it every time we touch our baby. We are completely scared of the RSV bug. I think we will always be a little worried about Parker's health and that's okay..I guess we have a right to be. Parker is a beautiful baby and I am just so proud of how hard he has worked. So maybe we will make December 23rd another day to celebrate in Parker's life! Why not?! He deserves it!

He is doing much better with getting his days and nights back on track. Now if only we can get him to sleep in his crib! He wants to be held at all times while he sleeps. So that's our new endeavor we are working on!

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Grammie Smith said...

I think Parker should be able to celebrate as many days as he wants! Parker, you are a very lucky boy to have such good parents. They are doing a remarkable job raising a remarkable child!