Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

As you can see Parker was in such a good mood this morning! Too bad he had to go get a shot :( He got his 2nd RSV shot in his litte thigh this afternoon and actually did really well...barely cried at all! I think he used to getting poked from his NICU days. I'm going to try and post a blog about RSV soon because I get a lot of questions about it and I think it's important for all parents to know about.
Anyway, he had to go to Option Care in Kennewick to get the injection and everyone was really nice there. They schedule the preemies to come in when no one is really around or with other preemies so they aren't exposed to other people in the waiting area. That is really nice. He will get a shot every month through April because this is when RSV season is in our area. The injection gives is not a vaccine, but it gives him the antibodies he will need to keep RSV away. Full term babies get these antibodies from their moms, but preemies come to early and they miss out on that.
The nurse weighed Parker and took measurements on his head and body. He is now 7 pounds 14.6 ounces and was 20.5 inches!! Can you believe he was 3 pounds 7 ounces and only 16 1/4 inches long only 10 weeks ago!? I can't!
Parker is scheduled to get his 2 month baby shots on the 18th and I'm sure he'll do fine with that as well...he's our little champ! He has his 3rd RSV shot on February 1st. Also, I found out I will be returning to work on February 18th which will be very hard. I hate leaving him but I'm sure all working moms go through that.
As for myself, I have an appointment on monday with a high-risk OB doctor to discuss future pregnancies and how we will manage differently next time to hopefully get the next baby further along. We aren't sure what the doctor will say, but we know we will probably have major decisions to make this year regarding our family planning. I will hopefully get more information on monday and will try to post something about that. We want to give Parker the gift of brothers and sisters, but we need to make sure this is something safe and smart to do.
We want to thank everyone for all the Christmas gifts Parker recieved this year. We are very thankful and Parker loves all of the gifts. I think Cory had fun playing with everything too!! Also thanks to our family for being so understanding that Parker had to stay home during the holidays this year for obvious reasons. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family, that they all brought Christmas to our house this year!
We had such a blessed 2007, we hope 2008 brings us more joy! We hope the same for you as well! Cheers!!

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