Friday, January 18, 2008

Shots Today!

Parker had a check up today with Dr. Taylor and got some baby shots. :( He got his 2nd Hepatitis B, 1st HIB, 1st dTap, and 1st rotavirus. He actually did really well though! He has been zonked out since. I think he used so much energy crying that he's just pooped. Also, his thrush is back, which I don't think ever totally cleared up from when he was in the hospital. When he got discharged, he was still taking nystatin (the medication to clear it up), but they never gave us a prescription for it. I guess we were so focused on other things that day we forgot to ask. Anyway, he will be back on the medicine to help that. Parker has also been packin on the weight! He gained 32 ounces in 34 days! That puts him at 8 pounds 14 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long! Almost a 9 pounder!! He still isn't on the growth charts yet, which can start to be measured once he makes it into the 5th percentile. Dr. Taylor thinks he will probably get there somewhere between 10-12 months. By age 2, he will most likely be totally caught up. The Dr. is very pleased with Parker's progress and so are we! He goes back in another 2 months for more shots. Also around 6 months, he will have a developmental evaluation to see where he needs more work. That should be interesting!

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