Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Parker's Report Card

I have to brag about Parker a little bit...he got his end of the year report card from preschool and I wanted to share the teacher's comments. "Parker has shown so much improvement! He is able to count to 20, say the ABC's, and spell and write his name. He is such a happy, sweet boy. We have loved having him in our class!" I'm so proud of him because his middle of the year report card read that although he had the highest "grades" possible for behavior, helping, participation, listening, and attitude, he was having difficulty in a few areas like counting, letters/letter sounds, and writing. Now, he is able to identify 26 upper and lower case letters and sounds, count to 20, spell first and last name, sorting, and patterns, and even addition! I'm so happy because he's been putting in a lot of extra work at home to improve. We went out and got a special toy and went out to dinner for Parker's awesome report card. I'm hoping this will show him how hard work pays off! I'm one proud mama! :)

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Melissa said...

Way to go Parker!! Auntie is very, very proud of you!!