Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I hate running. Okay, that's what I kept telling myself. Truth is, after March For Babies, I was ready to hang up my running shoes and plop down on the couch. So that's what I did. 5 pounds gained and sanity lost, I realize I need to get moving again. That's the catch 22 for me. Do I enjoy the act of running? HECK NO! What I do enjoy is the solitude while running. I enjoy the brainless time I get from running. I love that I just did something that is VERY hard for me and kicked it's butt. I love that I'm alone for 30 minutes or whatever with no one needing me. No one asking me for this or that. No dishes that need washed or laundry that needs folded. I can just listen to my dorky music and not think about anything. I guess I didn't realize how much I need exercise until I stopped. And about had a mental breakdown. So my sweetheart of a husband decided he would commit to running a half marathon with me this fall. Garsh I love this man. It is going to be SUPER hard for both of us. So Day 1, I met up with some of the "Hot Mama's Group" that I love so much and ran 2 miles in 25 minutes with my sis. Isn't she cute?! I know I've got a long summer ahead of me of running, sweating, and chafing. But I also know I have got awesome family and friends to push me. What's that they say about "The longest journey...."? Well, maybe it won't be that long. Maybe just 13.1 miles.

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