Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty's Day 2012

Another year and the Leprechauns visited us again! First, they left this super cool table all ready for Irish treats.

Those silly Leprechauns played lots of tricks on us again this year- flipped over furniture, put clothes and toys where they do not belong, turned the toilet water green, and put everyone's shoes in the fridge!! They also sent the kids on a super fun scavenger hunt again, leading them to a "Pot-o-Gold" (aka lots of fun toys in a bucket).

Teamwork Rocks! Finding a clue out in the car.

Racing to the next clue!

After we ate Lucky Charms, green eggs and pancakes, and had some "Leprechaun Juice", we hung out doing some St. Patrick's Day arts and crafts, playing games, and making more treats. It was a super fun day. Happy St. Patties Day to you!

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