Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crossfittin' It

I think I might be one of the last few people on Earth to never hear of Crossfit. After being totally into running, I was feeling the need to mix things up. I'd hit a plateau with my weight, and after hearing Cory talk about Crossfit, I thought why not try it?!

For those of you that were like me and had never heard of crossfit, it's basically a fast circuit training with weightlifting and quick cardio. Plus, Cory told me my boyfried Bob loves it, so I do too.

I find the whole website for crossfit super confusing, but luckily I have we have a Coach in the fam to help me out. Here he is explaining the next exercise to me while I am busy taking his picture.

Yes, I have a rullet..that's a reverse mullet.

We've been going to our old high school to work out because Cory has a key to the gym. Takes me back to my Lion Pride days!

So after my couple days I am SUPER sore. I think this change up in my workout routine will be great. It's really fast- like only 20 mins or less. The kids tag along and entertain themselves while we old people exercise. Here is Callie's exercise outfit she picked out:

My goal is to get toned up, reach my goal weight and do a freakin' pull up!!!

Wearing uneven socks will help you workout too

And don't worry- I'm still going to run...probably only a couple times a week for now. Oh, and I already lost 2 pounds in 3 pounds in 4 days doing this crossfittin' stuff in case you're wondering- which I know you are! :)

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