Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Happenings

Sorry about the blog break. Parker came down with croup, then passed his yummy germs to the rest of the house. We are all on the up and up now so I'm baaaaaack!

During the week I was unable to run because just breathing doing nothing was enough to through me into a sweaty, mucous filled cough attack. I decided to take a couple of 3 mile walks and that helped me at least maintain my weight. I have been eating pretty poorly so I am happy about just staying the same for now.

Me and my mom like to find random things on our walk/runs. This weekend's winners:

So my new thang I tried: I made homemade bath paints for the kids. It's so easy!

Some baby shampoo, a little cornstarch, and food coloring. I was worried about the food coloring staining the tub and the tile, but it just wiped right off. Kept the kids in the tub forever!! I had to drag them outta there!

We held some kid fights at our house too this weekend. Oh wait, no. Parker just beat up Uncle Catlin!

On a more serious note, today was Run For Sherry. There were people meeting near the river today for a group walk/run/bike ride, but we're still recovering from that bug I mentioned, so we hiked Badger instead. It was a gray day. I thought about Sherry like so many of us have been, and thought about her family, her final moments, what I would do if I was attacked while running. I hope Sherry's family felt the love from every community around the globe that was celebrating Sherry's life yesterday.

Just past "the stairs of doom"

We have to get all the way up there?!

My dad even came with us to hike. I think he's slowly coming around to see the importance of exercise. We'll get him!! I'm so proud of him though for making the decision to DO something today and get his heart rate up!!

We want this guy around for a long time!!

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