Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Thoughtful Weekend

How was everyone's weekend? Fun and summery goodness??
Yeah, totally wish that was me on the beach with a surfboard...

My weekend, like always these days, was busy and on the go. Someday, I will sit around all weekend, watching TV, reading, getting a whole butt ton of things on my To-Do list done.. I'm just not in that chapter of my life right now and that is totally okay. Admist the chaos of my days and nights, there are moments when I get to take a deep breath and enjoy what is going on around me. Life is so fun!

With Parker starting preschool in the fall and Callie starting dance classes (hopefully!), and the onset of sports into our lives, this is the last couple months we will have with no schedules, no places to be, no Hurry Up's- We're gonna be lates.. What a special time.

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