Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sick Kids :(

Parker and Callie both have horrible colds right now. We took Parker to the Dr. last week and the doctor said it probably just viral. So we are doing Tylenol, cool humidifier, bulb suction, and Vicks Baby Rub. Poor kiddos! Funny how even though I'm a nurse, when it comes to my own kids, I feel helpless! I guess I've seen too many bad things...I'm trained to think of the worse ya know. Anyway, at the office, I found out Parker is 29 inches tall and 23 pounds big. Parker also had his monthly physical therapy appointment last week. He's still working on walking and made big strides these past couple weeks. He's actually taking a few steps once we help him get his balance! He'll take a step of two all on his own when creeping from the coffee table to the couch. The P.T. said he'll probably be officially walking by next month. She brought a little baby walker for Parker to practice with while she was here. It was so cute. Picture a walker used by adults, but turned around behind the baby, with wheels and handles. I should have snagged a picture. You know, blackmail for when he's a teenager!


The Knowltons said...

Poor kiddos! Being sick sucks but I think it is worse on us. You just want to make it better. When they get better we need to go play down in Columbia Park if the weather is nice. I found baby swings!

Tawny Cronrath said...

Hope your kiddos are feeling better! I have been lucky so far and Gavin hasn't been sick. Knock on wood!