Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009 Goals

Well, January is over! I don't think I shared my New Years Goals for 2009, but I thought I would with all of you. Those who know me know I'm a huge list person. It helps me to visually see what I need get get done and keeps me focused. Plus, it feels awesome to cross things off my list. So here's an update on how things are coming along. I must say I'm slacking in some areas. I have an excuse though- Parker has a pretty nasty cold right now so I'm pretty tired from listening to his cough all night. He's also passing it on to Cory and me so I'm feeling a little under the weather myself. Good excuse, right?

Books to Read
Beyond Belief:Finding the Strength to Come Back Working on this one now
Life Under the Banner of Heaven
Multiple Blessings
The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands

Family Goals
Start Movie Night We tried this but the kids are too little to watch, so it ended up being just Cory and I, but that's alright!
Eat dinner 5/7 nights together at home We're doing awesome at this one!
In warm weather, walks 2 x week
Have 1 family summer BBQ

Financial Goals
Pay off 4 credit cards/debt This one is going great, will have 1 paid off this month!
Establish emergency fund

Homemaking Goals
Learn to make homemade bread
Organize/fix up bedroom I got new curtains, new pictures, still a work in progress
Have all moldings done throughout house
Label kids clothing tubs,put away Clothes are put away, but not yet labeled
Organize Recipes/Recipe storage
Grow a veggie garden

Personal Goals I've got nothing done in this catagory! Ooops!
Workout 3 days/week
Lose 20 pounds
Get family picture done
Increase volunteer time with MOD

Places to Visit
Oregon Coast
1-2 camping trips family vacation in summer..TBD
snowboarding trip in winter..TBD
2 Mariners games We have ordered tickets for 1 game in July so far

Spiritual Goals
Church 3/4 Sundays/month Achieved so far
Participate in 1 volunteer project @ church
Post monthly devotional in kitchen,share on blog

I hope all of you have goals you would like to accomplish this year. I hope you share them with me, it inspires me to keep on track!!


alicia foss said...

It looks like you have some great goals. I love your homemade bread one. My mom makes it. Yummy! What church are you guys going to?

Jen Burns said...

Way to go! Lists are a good thing! What church are you guys going to?

The Stemps said...

Thanks girls! We go to Faith Assembly in Pasco.

The Knowltons said...

Dude, that's impressive! I know you guys will be able to accomplish all your goals. I wish I could be as organized as you!