Monday, February 23, 2009

Parker 16 month appointment

Well Mr. Parker had yet another check up. He is doing wonderfully...28.5 inches tall, 22 pounds! Growing right along. And let me tell you, since he is not quite walking yet, I feel every bit of that 22 pounds in my back and arms! lol! He's making great progress in the walking department. He's talking like 5-6 steps once he gets his balance. We have a hearing screening scheduled for the 26th. The Dr. wants to make sure his hearing is okay since he isn't talking yet. He's already passed a screening at birth, plus that kid can hear a pin drop, so we aren't concerned. However, the Dr. would like us to have his speech re-evaluated, and before we do that, they like a hearing test done. So that should be interesting. I remember raising my hand in class during that hearing screen in elementary school. lol, don't think it's like that. I've heard of lots of kids not talking until later in life, so we aren't freaking out over it. Also, as I've wrote before, he is doing a lot of gesturing, and using "words" that the family understands. Parker also got 2 immunizations..cried, but was a big tough boy! He's also doing great sleeping in his big boy racecar bed most nights. He doesn't mind sleeping alone..I think I'm the one with the issues!
Callie, my little lady, is doing great. She scoots backwards a lot, screams a lot
(in a talking way) , and gives lots of smiles. She's getting her giggle down and likes to be "scared"...she thinks it's so funny! Who does that remind me of? She's wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes, although her feet are tiny, only in size 1 still! Parker just made it to 4's, so must get it from Cory. I've got huge feet! Callie has her 6 month check up on the 13th.


Burns Family said...

I hear you with the weight! My 10 month old is 27 lbs and 32" tall!!! OUCH I hope he's an early walker, but he's not even crawling yet! Do they really think Parker should be talking?? My experience is that most boys don't until 2ish. At least where you can understand some of it. Good luck, hope all is well with you guys!

The Stemps said...

Oh my gosh! He's so big!! Or maybe Parker is just so small! lol! Parker didn't crawl until 9 months, but I was hoping he would jump right to walking...yeah right! I think they are just worried because he isn't saying anything yet...I'm not sweating it though. Boys are lazy!!lol!