Monday, December 1, 2008

Callie Pics, 3 month update

I can't believe my baby girl is already 3 months old on Friday! Time is sure flying by. It's almost time to start buying baby food again! At least I got a few months off from buying that stuff. I'm really thinking I'm going to try and make as much baby food as possible. Organic baby food is more expensive in the jar, so I'm thinking maybe by making it and freezing it, it will be cheaper.

Speaking of saving money, wanted to let you guys know that today being "cyber Monday", I got some good deals at Use the checkout codes "savenow" and "oneday" and get free shipping plus 20% off! It's such a good deal!

Anyways, back to my Callie-Bug. She's so great! She's still sleeping through the night (thank God!), she's rolling over from belly to back, she gets up on her little forearms when she's on her tummy, she's cooing up a storm, and social smiling!! I think she really wants to be up playing with Parker. Wierd to think she could be crawling around in just a few months. Then I'll really have my hands full! I'll have to keep track of yet another person and make sure she isn't hurting herself or someone else! lol!


Tawny Cronrath said...

You are so lucky that she is sleeping through the night! Gavin still gets up 2-3 times to eat. I'm breastfeeding so I can't even make my husband do the feedings!

Anonymous said...

She's so adorable! I see Parker in her.