Thursday, May 22, 2008

Parker's going to have a Lil' Sissy!!

Just had our ultrasound this morning. Found out we're having a girl!! She is up to 13 ounces which is about the average size for that gestational age. The ultrasound tech said the baby is so low against my pelvis, they couldn't get any face shots. That's okay though, she's onry like her brother! :) As far as names, I thought Cory and I had agreed on Sawyer, but apparantly not. He thinks it's too manly sounding. haha!! So anywho, I start erythromycin today and progesterone injections too. I have to wait for the progesterone to come in throught the pharmacy which should be next week sometime. I start going in every 2 weeks, then weekly around 28 weeks with ultrasounds everytime. Dr. Turner is being extra cautious with this one and we really appreciate that!
Parker had his developmental screening done as well. He scored as high as possible on the communication and language part so that was awesome. He was just a little low on his motor skills. So we take him to the Children's Developmental Center in a few weeks so an occupational therapist, physical therapist, and teacher can evaluate him and see if he needs further sessions. If they think he's doing great, they just review his scores and follow up with us in about a year. If not, we set up a game plan with goals and exercises we will start. I'm sure he'll do great! And even if he doesn't, we all know how Parker does things on "Parker-Time"!

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