Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bedrest Again

Well my Dr. appt. did not go so well today. Turns out my cervix is already thinning out. At 21 weeks it was 3.7 cm, then a little over 3.0 last Friday, and today 2.3 cm. So, I'm on total bed rest until the baby comes. Pretty scary stuff. We really didn't want to go through having another preemie but the Dr. thinks I can probably make it to 31 weeks again if I really stay off my feet. So I'll probably be updating the blog a lot more often since I'll have so much time on my hands!!! I will continue doing the progesterone injections and erythromycin to maybe help the situation more. Dr. Turner says no meds have really been proven to work, only bedrest. I asked about doing a cerclage, but he says the issue is the uterus and it would still contract even with the cervix closed. I'm just running out of room again. I go back in next week and the Dr. says if I'm measuring less again, he's going to hospitalize me. That's the last thing I want to happen, so I'm going to be a good girl. Luckily Melissa and Mom are going to help me around the house and with grocery shopping and all that stuff.

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