Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas and NYE fun

Christmas was awesome this year!! I can honestly say this was the most relaxing, laid back Christmas we've had yet since having kids and I'm so happy everything went to smoothly. We made so many great memories...Santa visited our house, The Polar Express, Callie's Christmas recital, Christmas Eve and Caw Bruce's house to Christmas morning at home, then Uncle Randy's and then ending the day at my parent's house for Christmas dinner.

The kids got so many great gifts from Santa and the family this year. They were so excited about every single gift they received. Their main gifts from us was a motorcycle for Parker and Callie got a new vanity for her room complete with a makeup case. They got so many goodies from everyone, their rooms were full of new toys. The kids also learned a lot the Christmas about giving, and less fortunate families, and just others going through rough times at the holidays, so they were extra grateful and so are we are parents.

For New Years Eve, we worked out at the shop for part of the day, but continued our "balloon game" tradition. The kids love that game! This is where I put a note in about 10 million balloons and the kids get to pop a balloon each hour on the hour until midnight. The notes are mostly fun tasks..."Dance party", "Play the kinect", "Make someone a card", ect...but beware because there is usually 1-2 duds in the mix where the kids have to do a chore, or something they "clean your room" or "do the dishes" haha they love the anticipation and it's adorable. Of course, my semi-redneck family had to light off some fireworks too. Happy New Year!!

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