Saturday, January 25, 2014

Birthday Random Acts of Kindess

January was awesome! Usually January drags on and on for me, but this year it flew by! Maybe it was because my birthday came and I had something super fun and special planned for myself. I turned 31, so I did 31 Random Acts of Kindness. My awesome kids, mom, sister, and my nephews came along for the ride and helped me out tons! Thank you guys!!

I'm really praying that these little acts of kindness touch people that need it and they then "pay it forward". Here is my Random Act of Kindness List that we accomplished.

1. Took Cory lunch
2. Picked up trash everywhere we went
3. Left money at the car wash
4. Payed for the person behind me at McDonalds
5. Hid dollar bills in the toy section of the Dollar Store
6.Took treats and cards to Firemen
7. Left change and laundry detergent and fabric softener at Laundrymat
8. Left a care package at a bus stop
9. Left encouraging post-it's all over town
10. Took flowers and a card to Gramma Lucy
11. Took "Chemo Care Packages" to the Cancer Center.
12. Posted a "Take What You Need" poster at the hospital
13. Took treats and cards to librarians
14. Left diapers and wipes at changing table at the store
15. Left coins on the games and toys at the store.
16. Mailed cards to out of town relative.
17. Left stamps at Post Office
18. Left bubbles at the park.
19. Left Caw Bruce some of his favorite juice.
20. Decorated Caw's truck
21. Let someone go ahead of me in line.
22. Donate blood.
23. Hold door open for someone.
24. Take treats and cards to police dept.
25. Put carts away at the store.
26. Put donuts in the teacher lounge at Parker's school.
27. Have manners all day and make sure to say "please" and "thank you" to everyone.
28. Mail a card to a Veteran.
29. Use re-usable grocery bags all day.
30. Leave toys for dogs at the dog park.
31. Donated treats and food to animal shelter.

It was a long day, but fun. I'm hoping so keep this tradition going in some way or another next year.

Do you ever do Random Acts of Kindness? What is your favorite one to do? I found it hard to find anonymous acts of kindness!

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