Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

My sister and her family and my mom all decided to take the little ones to the pumpkin patch at The Country Mercantile. It was so fun! We went on a hayride, listened to a live band, went to the petting zoo, sat on tractors, climbed a huge haystack, and finally, picked out some pumpkins. We were all pooped afterwards and Parker passed out! Callie actually slept through the night that night from all the excitement. Don't worry, she was up every 3 hours again the next night. Bummer! Cory was still recovering from his kidney stones, so he didn't get to come. Hopefully next year.
It was really fun to go to something for the babies...not that they will remember anything from this year. There aren't very many family things to do in the Tri-Cities, so we really enjoyed the day. I wish they had more things like this around here. If any of you readers know of any inexpensive, fun family activities, let me know!

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