Sunday, October 26, 2008

A New Adventure....

Cory and I spent a lot of time talking about if I should be a stay-at-home mom when Callie was born. It's what we both want, but not really financially possible right now. And although my work schedule at my current job was only 2 days a week, it was hard for all of us to commit to that again. So, I decided to leave my current position at Riverview. It was a very hard choice because I love my cowokers and our patients so much. But, as I'm surely learning, the choices that we have to make for our families aren't always easy.
It's funny though, how the Lord puts opportunities in front of us and sticks us right where we should be. Only a couple days after resigning my position, I was offered something I just couldn't refuse... a per diem position at KGH in their "special care nursery". I decided to accept the offer. As most of you know, preemies are now a passion of mine since Parker was born. I had to jump at the chance to help these special babies and their parents. It works out great too because it's a major pay increase and so I won't have to work as many hours and I get to choose the days or nights I work. Not that pay matters when you will be doing something you really feel a calling for.
And more great news..right now KGH is what's known as a level 2A nursery, which doesn't really take care of babies that are too too sick, but still need extra care. Now, KGH is expanding their nursery and is seeking approval from the state to be able to operate at a higher, more intense level of care. That means taking care of even sicker babies, which is scary, but a good scary. I'm starting orientation tomorrow, so I will keep the blog updated as much as possible with all the exciting things to come. Never a dull moment!
Cory is also looking for a full time job until the business is really up and going enough to support us on it's own. So if anyone hears of anything, let us know!

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