Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chin Up!

Things have been spiraling a little bit for me lately, so let me catch you up! First off, let me just say, I really believe everything happens for a reason, so really, I'm okay with everything that's gone here we go...

At a doctor appointment, I found out I will be needing a hysterectomy. It was unexpected, and not how I was wanting to spend my summer at all. I had a mini meltdown about it, but I've accepted that it's what is for the best. My family is so awesome and I'm so happy that I have 2 beautiful children.

Soon after that, we got bumped from the house we wanted to buy. Another offer came in, and since our offer was contingent on the sale of our current house, it just didn't work out. I was very sad about losing the house we wanted to buy. Now I know why God didn't want us to get that house- the Monday after we got bumped, I found out I'm getting laid off from my job.

The hospital I work for was forced to downsize and laid off RN's and other senior nursing staff. Some departments were closed altogether. I was upset at first, but again, I know I am being put on a new path. Plus, I get a severance package, and our screen printing business is really taking off. I am going to miss my coworkers though!

Prior to finding all this out, I was going to adopt a new little puppy into our family. After getting laid off, I decided I could not in good conscience spend a bunch of money on a new doggie, so I had to give him up.

Next up, there have been some mini dramas- our basement flooded and had to call a plumber, I ordered blinds and they are the wrong size, our dryer broke, our lawnmower broke, and the list goes on and on...

So to say it's been a hard 4 weeks is an understatement. The only thing keeping me sane is my faith and my family. They keep my mind off all the stress and my family keep me laughing. I'm making an effort to stay focused on all the amazing things in my life and that has made a huge difference. Attitude if everything as cliche as that is. I'm having fun and nothing is keeping me down! I've decided to step back, take the summer "off", recover from surgery, watch baseball, and hang out with my kids. I'm not afraid of the future at all. Life is an adventure and I'm loving it!

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Melissa said...

Sorry you are having a craptastic June but what a great outlook on the rest of the summer! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!! I'm right there for anything you need!