Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring Fun!

This mother's day weekend was so fun! Gotta do a little bragging here folks, so bear with me. Cory made a couple awesome dinners for us. Friday was ribs with a homemade dry rub, potato salad and coleslaw both from scratch, and bbq beans with his own bbq sauce. Yum! Sunday we made steaks that were the size of my head! They were great!! I also got my sweet Mother's Day present..a steam pocket shark mop!! K, I know I get a little coo-coo about cleaning products, but have you seen the infomercial for this? It's just as good in real life!!
Another cool thing we did this weekend was head to Walla Walla for the balloon stampede. It was the first time we went, and it was so fun. We ate lots of fair food and looked at all the booths. Parker and Callie got to feed the race horses and go down the super slide. We watched to night glow where they light up the hot air balloons, and there was a fireworks display afterwards. Lots of good memories were made! I think we are going to go back every year.

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