Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Little Peanut!

Yes, it is true. Parker is going to have a little brother or sister!! Needless to say we were completely shocked when we found out. I was still in the process of getting my own health checked out.

When I was in labor with Parker, I found out I had been misdiagnosed from the beginning. They told me I had a bicornuate uterus, which mean I had a "heart shaped" uterus. When another Dr. came in to check on me during labor, he was shocked because it turns out I have uterus didelphys. This means I have two complete uterus' and two cervixes! The Dr. wasn't sure how someone could miss this..he said it was obvious. He actually thought it was really cool because he had only seen the condition once before in his medical residency. Meanwhile, I felt like a freak of nature!! :) So after Parker was born, they sent me to a high-risk fetal maternal dr. to discuss my next pregnancy. Appartantly women with this condition usually have infertility issues. Also, there is a large percentage born with only 1 kidney! The high risk dr. sent my new OB dr. his recommendations and said they would be contacting me to set up all kinds of testing. Well, there isn't time for that now!! I guess I'm lucky because I don't have any problems getting pregnant!!

In February, I started feeling really queezy in the morning. That was the only thing that had tipped me off. I went to the store and got a pregnany test just in case. Guess what?! It said, "PREGNANT". I immediatly called the OB nurse and asked if it could be a false positive from just having a baby and still having the hormones in my body. She said it was highly unlikely and ordered a blood test just to make sure. That was on a Friday. On Monday the nurse called and said yes, my levels were very high and I was definatly pregnant!! About 1 week later, the Dr. called and asked if I could come in that day. He said it was important we do an ultrasound and find out exactly how far along I am. I got to see the heartbeat on the ultrasound, 153, and see our little peanut. My due date is set for October 3rd. Two babies under 1 year old...crazy!!

My OB, Dr. Turner, said he had discussed me a lot with the high risk dr. They said it is difficult to know how to treat me because there are no studies out there really for my condition. They said I should start progesterone injections around 20 weeks but there are absolutley no studies of uterus didelphys and progesterone. They don'e know if it will help or not. Also, if you start the injections too early, there is an increased risk of late miscarriage. They also recommended starting low dose erythromycin at 20 weeks which has shown to decrease spontaneous rupture of membranes (my water breaking). They will do the injections and pills through my 34th week and after that, my body is on it's own. I will be followed very closely and any signs of preterm labor I will be put on immediate bedrest. I have another ultrasound in a couple weeks. I also found I have a UTI so I'm on antibiotics already. We all know how much I love taking pills!

Parker is very excited to have a sibling. I think he's quite the entertainer so he'll have a blast. He's really started "talking" lately!! He's so big!! I'm going to try and update his slideshow this week with more recent pictures. Parker also went to his first baseball game last week. He went and watched Cory coach the Freshman. He slept through almost the whole thing! Parker also has started eating his veggies and rice cereal really well. He loves sweet potatoes and squash and hates carrots! I think we'll try green beans next. Yum!

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